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PLannedilLusion News Weekly - Episode 11

Vaccine Testimony - RIA HESLOP

We can all claim to have an opinion on this and that, but how much of that opinion is based on facts, based on personal experiences. Ria Heslop gives a harrowing first hand account of what happened following her father receiving the Pfizer Jab.

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Sydney's Million March was a success on all fronts. The atmosphere was one of peaceful unity as families joined the young and old to listen to encouragement and words of reasoning. I spoke to so many individuals who had taken the time to do the research and find the truth rather than settle for lies and inconsistencies, because they cared about their loved ones, their country and humanity as a whole. 

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Not a day goes by without that sudden quite unintentional glance at an object when I would be stopped dead in my tracks, and notice the time again,  11:11. This has been happening for me since 2017, for no apparent reason. Back then it was 3:33 mostly followed by 11:11. I remember posting in my Facebook as to whether anyone else had experienced the same phenomena and to my surprise, their they were amongst my group of  virtual online friends. It seems that others had noticed the recurring digits and had looked into it. Was it a sign ? and...

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Well, we kick off 2021 with an investigation into the truth behind the HIV/AIDS epidemic, as well as the launch of the PLannedilLusion web site complete with the News Weekly features. After releasing Episode 5 in December, I thought a well earned rest was well overdue. However, a news item on SkyNews Australia had me curious, next thing I know, I was deep into research mode with the urgency to put off doing the 5g subject matter in favor of the link between Kary Mullis, his PCR, HIV/AIDS and COVID19.

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Coming Soon - PlannedilLusion 5 - 'Where do we go from here'
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The series continues with another hard-hitting thought provoking documentary designed to get the viewer to consider another angle to that which is being pushed by the mainstream narrative.

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