A Vaccine Testimony - RIA HESLOP

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A Vaccine Testimony - RIA HESLOP

PLannedilLusion News Weekly - Episode 11

Vaccine Testimony - RIA HESLOP

We can all claim to have an opinion on this and that, but how much of that opinion is based on facts, based on personal experiences. 

For weeks I have been pondering over the thought that whilst I, like most people did not know dozens of people who were alive pre COVID 19, who were either dead or seriously ill in hospital in 12 months, I also don't  know anyone who has been administered any of the controversial vaccines. 

I have interviewed many experts and read documents and watched video. I have hypothesized and have made my thoughts public and still maintain my opinion, but I had not interviewed anyone who has taken the vaccine or knew a relative or loved one who had received it and so therefore can I really be sure of the harmful effects. Lets be clear, for a vaccine to reach the market it needs to be tested on a controlled group for many years AFTER being tested on animals.

This process involves placebos, peer reviewed submissions to the medical community and there is no guarantee that these submissions will be approved. So the fact that we are told that the medical interventions referred to as vaccines have had there sudden development fast tracked and their deployment to the entire globe is part of a medical trial, is simply preposterous lies and deception. The fact that the interventions which hitherto will be referred as Biological interventions involve the manipulation or the hacking of the bodies DNA by altering its function via mRNA and retroviral components, suggests that we are not dealing with a vaccine by any stretch of the imagination but an irreversible DNA hack. The details of which can be reviewed in PLannedilLusion Special Edition and Episode 5 and Episode 6 and check out Dr Kevin Corbett

This week, however I was finally given the opportunity to hear from someone who was related at least to a victim of the PFIZER biological intervention. RIA HESLOP was brought to my attention via UK anti-Climate change author Stephen Wells. Ria's father was the victim, not only of medical malpractice but it was clear from her testimony on the show that it was the PFIZER biological intervention and the subsequent drugs administered whilst in a COVID RED ward that were the contributory factors in his untimely death.

What was even more of a shock was the fact that the patients that were in the ward Joe (Ria's father ) had been placed were all tested positive for Covid AFTER being given 1 or 2 doses of the jab.

Then as a result of the bogus PCR test (which is not a diagnostic) the patients are prevented from having treatment to cure them of whatever illnesses they have, but instead are put on the covid protocols which eventually kills them. One has to wonder whether this was the same protocol used to entrap people into these covid wards before the jabs were available, once there the patient is on a protocol which causes death. 

Well, from the interview by Ria there was a clear indication that the jab may in fact be a BIOLOGICAL WEAPON.. SHOCKING. 

The are parallels with how people were being treated in 1918 during the so-called Spanish Flu and then again during the fake HIV AIDS epidemic

If you haven't already please WATCH AND SHARE, Ria's gut wrenching account of her father's fight for life and the disgusting treatment at the hand s of health workers devoid of any empathy.



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