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PlannedilLusion -  Episode 5 - 'WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE' (PROMO)

PLannedSupplies are proud sponsors of the documentary series PLannedilLusion which has taken the truth community by storm across many online video platforms. 

Coming Soon - PlannedilLusion 5 - 'Where do we go from here'
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The series continues with another hard-hitting thought provoking documentary designed to get the viewer to consider another angle to that which is being pushed by the mainstream narrative. In this episode we look at the next logical step forward. Should we be focusing on the obvious deflection of the number of cases and false positive PCR tests when our attention should be to call out the elected representatives who signed agreements to reach Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 targets without consulting or seeking approval from the general public. These targets align with the responses to the virus and where designed to remove the rights and civil liberties of every human being on the planet, targets that would have devastating effects on humanity. Rather than engaging in the occult ritual of the face masks, social distancing and lock-downs that are deliberately destroying economies, we need to expose the myriad of multi-national corporations, multi-national think tanks that have bribed our elected officials, injected their poisonous objectives into our national institutions and orchestrated the take down of humanity

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