PLannedilLusion - Episode 6 - 'Kary Mullis - HIV/AIDS a template for Covid 19'

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PLannedilLusion - Episode 6 - 'Kary Mullis - HIV/AIDS a template for Covid 19'

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Well, we kick off 2021 with an investigation into the truth behind the HIV/AIDS epidemic, as well as the launch of the PLannedilLusion web site complete with the News Weekly features. After releasing Episode 5 in December, I thought a well earned rest was well overdue. However, a news item on SkyNews Australia had me curious, next thing I know, I was deep into research mode with the urgency to put off doing the 5g subject matter in favor of the link between Kary Mullis, his PCR, HIV/AIDS and COVID19.

This led me down an unexpected rabbit hole and an urgent Zoom conversation with Dr. Kevin Corbett , which took me down memory lane to relive the 80s when I was just a young boy. Indeed within 3 days I had uncovered what I believed was a template, a blueprint by the pharmacological NWO cabal of deception using Mullis' PCR discovery. I was surprised to see that the response to HIV and the phoney hypophysis that it leads to AIDS was mirrored like for like with the SARS-COV2 scandal, and at the center of both the AIDS epidemic and the COVID19 pandemic was Mullis' PCR which was used incorrectly as a diagnostic tool to detect a virus.

In short, AIDS was the cover story for the existence of the retrovirus HIV protein insert which was designed for the COVID 19 vaccine. Amazing but true. As I listened to Dr. Kevin Corbett eloquent explain how the WHO hijacked the conventional process of isolating a virus and ensuring KOCH's postulates had been satisfied in favor of genetic sequencing I realized that the medical community back in the 80's stood no chance, even though Mullis, Duesberg, Lauritsen and many others around the world did their best to sound the alarm. HIV was NOT the  cause of AIDS. But, they would not have known that the real reason for this orchestrated killing of thousands of souls was to further the development of HIV as a retroviral component in a vaccine whose aim was to bind itself to the human DNA via Transcriptase. 

Episode 6 also unpacks the psychological deception that convinced many to take a genocidal drug AZT as a cure for AIDS, a drug that.

It's a chilling insight into how we got to 2020 and what is yet to come. All in all its proof that our governments are not merely responding to a crisis, but they are following a proven template for orchestrated deception leading to mass genocide.

If you haven't already done so I suggest watching Episode 5 first to establish the foundation of knowledge... and by the way MANY THANKS to some wonderful guest appearances who have helped make Episode 5 the most watched episode on the PLannedilLusion channel.

So its with great pleasure that I present the link on this blog to the preview for episode 6

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