PLannedilLusion News Weekly #2 - THE 11:11 PHENOMENA

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PLannedilLusion News Weekly #2 - THE 11:11 PHENOMENA

Not a day goes by without that sudden quite unintentional glance at an object when I would be stopped dead in my tracks, and notice the time again,  11:11.

This has been happening for me since 2017, for no apparent reason. Back then it was 3:33 mostly followed by 11:11.

I remember posting in my Facebook as to whether anyone else had experienced the same phenomena and to my surprise, their they were amongst my group of  virtual online friends. It seems that others had noticed the recurring digits and had looked into it. Was it a sign ? and if so from who?, or where we all exhibiting a behavioral abnormality as a direct result of the digital age and always glancing at our black-mirrors. One thing I deduced after a while was that nothing bad ever happened to me or anyone around me, which was a relief actually. The other thing was that it would always catch me totally off guard. Take for example the other day, I uploaded a video post to this very blog .. and would you believe it, it registered at 11:11, bazaar.


How about the drink I order at the bar which came to $11:11, then today I go check out my friends tweet, and guess when she posted it...

I mean come on. I could go on. So it's like I'm hanging out for 11:11 or 1:11 nope, stuff like the examples given force me to take notice as if something is trying to communicate. The question is what??

If you've ever wondered about the recurring double digits you keep seeing on the clock, SEVEN from Soulutionaries Media has an interesting an intriguing take.

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