PLannedilLusion News Weekly  - Sydney Millions March Edition

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PLannedilLusion News Weekly - Sydney Millions March Edition

A funny thing happened on the way to Hyde Park, Sydney on 20/2/2021. 

What mainstream media would have preferred to remain silent on was the fact that this was by far the largest peaceful turnout since this madness began.

Arriving at Midday, I was pleasantly surprised at the wide demographic of well-informed Australians turning out from all ages (10 through to people in their 80's). The timing of this event could not have been more appropriate given that Pfizer's so called Covid 19 Jab had arrived in Australia and that the Australian government had announced the plan for the initial rollout.


 In addition, earlier in the week Daniel Andrews announces new quarantine sites to 'process international arrivals' , one wonders what else the facility will be used for. What plans lay ahead for those of us who will not succumb to the medical interventions. 


Are we looking at segregation and being forced to live separate from society ??

No doubt these questions along with the suppressed reports leaked from around the world regarding the adverse reactions and fatalities from the Pfizer jab and the other vaccines that have been deployed (with NO TESTING that can be proven to have successfully taken place ) where front and center in the minds of the thousands that turned up to Hyde Park to protest the deception and lies that resulted in face masks for no medical basis being imposed on publics transport, lock-downs decimating local economies, school education disruptions, family separations, depression, suicide, disruptions to normal social life and for what? No one can testify to losing dozens of friends, family, associates during this nonsense who where alive and well pre-covid.

The case numbers all hinge on arbitrary case numbers based on PCR testing, which is a fallacy as Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR had stated it was not  to be used to diagnose for the existence of a virus, and yet thousands who turned up were well aware of this fact being the basis for something resembling an evil genocidal plan rather than a human medical intervention. 

The atmosphere was one of peaceful unity as families joined the young and old to listen to encouragement and words of reasoning. I spoke to so many individuals who had taken the time to do the research and find the truth rather than settle for lies and inconsistencies, because they cared about their loved ones and their country in addition to humanity as a whole. 

A bodily autonomy freedom fighter gives his take on the turnout




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