PLannedilLusion Special Edition

Coronavirus, Jimuphy, Plandemic, Plannedillusion, Vaccines -

PLannedilLusion Special Edition

Includes - Preview | Extended Episode 1| Full length Episodes 2,3 and 4

Following the success of the PLannedilLusion series and many requests for a consolidation of all the episodes into one feature, your prayers have been answered.

Episode 1 | additional 40 minutes exclusive to this edition.

Episode 2 | Featuring Vernon Coleman's 10 facts that cannot be denied complete with uninterrupted narration (no music)

Episode 3 | Full version

Episode 4 | The latest and most current version


  • Lati

    Knowledge is Power

  • Kay

    Wow, valuable information. Awareness is key in life, thanks for taking us on this wonderful journey……well done.

  • Warren

    Nicely done

  • Adrian

    Interesting theory, however the spiritual realities presented should be attended to.

  • akoben

    The world will forever be lost until they realize that “The All” is in “I AM” not in papers.

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