PLannedilLusion Special Edition

Coronavirus, Jimuphy, Plandemic, Plannedillusion, Vaccines -

PLannedilLusion Special Edition

Includes - Preview | Extended Episode 1| Full length Episodes 2,3 and 4

Following the success of the PLannedilLusion series and many requests for a consolidation of all the episodes into one feature, your prayers have been answered.

Episode 1 | additional 40 minutes exclusive to this edition.

Episode 2 | Featuring Vernon Coleman's 10 facts that cannot be denied complete with uninterrupted narration (no music)

Episode 3 | Full version

Episode 4 | The latest and most current version


  • tim corcoran

    This is a great resource of information.
    All authorities mandating restrictions such be jailed for crimes against humanity

  • Carolina Delgado

    Very interested documentary.
    I like the fact that is not just showing what is happening in Australia but also around the world. We cannot rely just in the news, as the real information and statistics are manipulated and creating panic in the population . In the meantime we keep praying. 🙏

  • Lati

    Knowledge is Power

  • Kay

    Wow, valuable information. Awareness is key in life, thanks for taking us on this wonderful journey……well done.

  • Warren

    Nicely done

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